Diamond Location

Our Diamond Center was built in 2000 and provides six classrooms total. An Infant room for ages 6wks-15months; a Toddler room for ages 15months-2yrs; a Preschool room for 2yr olds; 2 Pre-K rooms for ages 3-5yrs and a school age room for ages 5-12yrs. Our center also has three off site school age programs which take place within the Coal City Early Childhood Center, Elementary School and Intermediate School for grades K-5. Our center employs more than 20 staff who obtain ongoing yearly professional development training and exceed all the state child care requirements. We are also proud to be part of Excelerate Illinois and The National Accreditation Commission. Our center takes health and safety very seriously. We have around the clock surveillance in all classrooms and our doors are locked at all times. All families have their own pin numbers to get in, while visitors are greeted at the door to be signed in and assisted. We also partake in the Child and Adult Care Food Program. Our menus include a variety of foods that meet all the states nutritional guidelines.

Step by Step - Diamond

125 S. Berta Rd.
Diamond, IL 60416

6:00am - 6:00pm
Monday - Friday

Email: step3934@gmail.com
Phone:(815) 634-3934
Fax: (815) 634-6456