Our Philosophy

We believe that the teacher in an early childhood classroom should teach process vs. product. This Step-by-Step process teaches children valuable problem-solving skills that will help them learn throughout their lives. There should be many avenues of learning through experience and repetition. Learning should be made fun so children will want to learn throughout their life. Step by Step reinforces these learning experiences by using a variety of learning centers. After all, children are not taught, they are exposed to opportunities and experiences and encouraged by the teacher. It is up to us to provide a safe, nurturing environment that children find comfortable so they can explore.


Our first goal is to provide the best living and learning environment for all children. Each child is treated as an individual, allowed to be creative and encouraged to find new ways to solve problems. Our second goal is to help children become independent. We talk with children when discipline is needed to explain the consequences of their actions. We allow children to do things for themselves, but are always available to assist when a little help is needed. Our third goal is to include families in their child's ongoing learning process. Families will have access to resource materials, parent/teacher conferences and links to outside support services.

Mission Statement

Step by Step Child Care Center, Inc. is a quality child care center. The purpose of our center is to provide the best care possible for children who are in need of care outside their home. Our environment is a safe place for children to learn and explore, and our staff is full of love to care and nurture them.

Services Provided

We care for children between the ages of 6 weeks through 12 years. Our hours are Monday - Friday from 6 am - 6 pm. Preschool classes are offered in the mornings with the option of coming 2-5 days per week. Preschool is included in all of our child care programs for children ages 2-5 years. Before and After School programs are offered at each location and at the schools in the Coal City School District. We participate in the CACFP(Child and Adult Care Food Program). This requires our meals and snacks to follow the nutritional guidelines set be state standards. Our centers serve breakfast and lunch as well as a morning and afternoon snack each day. A milk-based formula, cereal, and baby food is offered for infants.

Financial Assistance

Quality child care shouldn't be out of the reach of anyone. The state offers assistance in paying for child care costs for when parents are working or going to school and working.


Our company offers competitive wages and many benefits. Paid vacation and sick time and paid holidays and discounted child care are offered. Staff may choose to enroll in retirement plans or be reimbursed college tuition. There is always room for advancement within the company.